Precision Ball Bearings
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How Are Ball Bearings Assembled

There are several steps involved in assembling a ball bearing:

  1. First, the inner and outer rings of the bearing are pressed onto the shaft or housing that they will be installed on. This is typically done using a hydraulic press.
  2. Next, the balls are placed into the bearing. They are typically held in place by a cage, which is a metal or plastic structure that separates the balls and keeps them evenly spaced.
  3. Once the balls are in place, the cage and balls are placed into the bearing. The cage is typically held in place by the inner ring of the bearing, while the balls are held in place by the outer ring.
  4. The bearing is then closed up by pressing the outer ring onto the inner ring, using a hydraulic press. This compresses the balls and cage, creating the necessary preload on the bearing.
  5. Finally, the bearing is lubricated with oil or grease to reduce friction and wear.

Assembling a ball bearing requires precise equipment and precise handling, as the balls and cage must be evenly spaced and the bearing must be properly lubricated in order to function properly.

Ball Bearing Assembly