Precision Ball Bearings
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4" Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings

BC Precision

4" Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings

$ 8.35
  • 2.170" Center Hole Diameter
  • 300 Pound Load Capacity
  • Suggested Top Diameter 12" - 25"
  • Corrosion Resistant Galvanized Steel
  • 5/16" Thickness

These low profile bearings are only 5/16" thick. They're engineered to add a minimum of height to an item, with only a rolling contact between sections. They can even be recessed into surfaces, reducing space occupied to 1/8". The sections are also stamped into a one-piece unit without any separate parts for assembly and the interlocking pieces prevent separation of the unit over time.

These rotating components are stamped using corrosion-resistant galvanized steel that can be coated with protecting compounds (clear coat finish, black chromate finish, yellow chromate/zinc finish) to help with rust protection and to change the visual look of the bearing. Our swivel bearing design has a deeper race groove, encapsulating the balls more effectively and allowing them to move more smoothly.

Our lazy susans are used in kitchens, kaleidoscopes, chalk spinners, basketball shooters, auditorium sound systems and in ambulance and RV seating.

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