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1/8" 304 Stainless Steel Diagonal Tumbling Media

BC Precision

1/8" 304 Stainless Steel Diagonal Tumbling Media

$ 24.95
304 Stainless steel diagonal tumbling media is rust and corrosion resistant and able to stand up to strong compounds. Using a Stainless steel media is important to avoid rust and works great for wet tumbling. The abrasion resistance of Stainless steel media is 3-5 times greater compared to cast steel media. Stainless steel media can be used over and over as long as it is stored properly. After using, strain in a fine mesh Strainer and lay out the pieces on a dry towel. Pat dry with another towel and let them air dry in a dry sunny area before storing. Some customers prefer to keep them stored completely submerged in water. Either way they will provide you with many uses.

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