Precision Ball Bearings
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There Are Many Uses For Precision Balls

Precision balls are small, round objects that are typically made of a hard, durable material such as steel, ceramic, or plastic. They are used in a wide range of applications where precise measurements and high levels of accuracy are required. Some common uses for precision balls include:

  • Bearings: Precision balls are often used as the rolling elements in bearings, which are mechanical devices that allow for the relative motion of two parts. Bearings can be found in a variety of machines and devices, including automobiles, aircraft, and appliances.
  • Precision measurement: Precision balls are also used as reference points for precise measurement in a variety of applications, including metrology and calibration.
  • Ball valves: Precision balls are used as the sealing element in ball valves, which are used to control the flow of fluids in pipelines and other systems.
  • Aerospace and defense: Precision balls are used in a variety of aerospace and defense applications, including guidance systems, missiles, and satellites.
  • Medical devices: Precision balls are used in some medical devices, such as drug delivery systems and surgical instruments.
  • Recreational equipment: Precision balls are also used in a variety of recreational equipment, such as balls for sports, balls in ball bearings for skateboards, and balls in ballpoint pens.